Controlled environment specialist

SmartHouse and Cleanroom Solutions

We are Highly experienced Design, Installation, and validation processes experts to complete controlled environments according to international standards*, risk analyses, and customer-specific needs with a LEAN mindset and AI-tools.

*As an example; ISO 14644 & GMP certified cleanrooms and General & Biosafety Laboratories turnkey solutions.

With help of powerful PropTect AI, we do have recorded data with an average of 14% energy-saving and higher risk management.
R8 AI-operator is integrated into the existing Building Management System to make parallel technical analysis of Indoor air comfort and energy efficiency optimization with 20.000 diagnostic requests per minute.


We can survive 30 days without eating,

3 days without drinking, 

but only 3 minutes without breathing.

We will help you to understand the indoor air quality of what you brief.