Fast track to MENAI business

Is your next target to research and establish your business in Middle-East and North-Africa?

We would like to help you to find answers how, with whom, when and where is best to do business in MENAI.

Together with our Matchmaking and Country manager platform we will help you to create your Fast track to MENAI

The platform is focused for innovative startup and SME corporates who wanted to extend to MENAI by offering,

  • Market evaluate
  • Market entry strategy for expansion
  • Partner screening with virtual / onsite meetings
  • Global resource optimization
  • Interactive transparent follow up with online tools for targets
  • Onsite “country manager”
  • Accelerate Funding

As advisor to our high level international investors we wanted to guide our innovative Finnish & Scandinavian SME customer put together up today approach to our investors.

To be attractive to distributor and funder candidates not to mention potential end users, we first wanted to help you to make sure or create for example marketing material in English and other required languages

  • Interactive web-pages
  • Socialmedia
  • Videos… See what our professionals have designed and created for example to our web-pages.

Case study BOS Cleantec:
English web pages translations:
Country Manager service
BOS Cleantec video’s
STC-12 Exhibition with distributor in ”oil capital” Jubail
Marketing and promoting material

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